A few Notes from our kennel:

All of our puppies come with the following:

Health Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be provided with a healthy puppy, free of any serious congenital defects that may hinder the dogs life expectancy for up to 1 year after the time of sale. In order to ensure this guarantee, the buyer must have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of its purchase. This examination will be at the expense of the buyer.

If the buyer decides to refuse the required examination or does not have it performed within the 48 hour time limit, the buyer will assume complete responsibility for the puppy’s health and the contract will be considered void.


If the puppy does not pass the required examination, develops any genetic or hereditary disorders that hinders their life expectancy, it will be eligible for a replacement.

If a genetic condition should cause the puppy to die within one year of purchase, it will be eligible for replacement.

The replacement puppy will be taken from a future litter and will be of the same sex and value of the original puppy. Cash refunds, in part or full, will not be given under any circumstances.
The buyer will need to pay the balance and pick up the puppy within 10 days of the arranged pick up date, unless special arrangements have been made. If the buyer fails to pick up the puppy within this time period, the puppy will be resold and the buyer’s deposit will be forfeited.